Baltimore's first pinball festival. Home of the Baltimore Pinball Championships.

Baltimore Pinball Festival:


Three days of pinball, music, media and nonstop fun. 40+ pinball machines, freeplay and competition pinball. Home of the Baltimore City Champs pinball tournament. 


September 14 - 16, 2018

The largest pinball event in Baltimore City history will feature all-you-can-play pinball in a massive multi-room pinball arcade featuring over 40 pinball machines provided by local collectors and enthusiasts. 

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Pinball Machines

From brand new machines to Electro-Mechanical classics, feast your flipper fingers on an amazing collection of pins. 



Days Of Non-Stop Pinball Party

Freeplay from Noon to 2AM. Competition and entertainment every day.



Different Competitions

Baltimore City Championship, Classics 1 (Friday), Classics 2 (Saturday), and  Women's tournament.


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Event Schedule

Baltimore pinball breaks the mold. We are wild. We are loud. We are eccentric, eclectic, inclusive, loving, crazy, filthy, friendly, and absolutely charming. The Charm City has one of the fastest growing and most unique pinball communities in the world, and we will have events and programming that highlight our unique culture. Come have fun with us, and play some pinball while you are at it. 


Pinnut Gallery

Saturday, 6pm

The nastiest, most brutal pinball play-by-play commentary you have ever heard. Geoff Danek and Jake Peterson show you what you did wrong there. 

Green Scream

Friday, 6PM

This interactive video installation puts a green screen in the pinball machine and projects your psychedelic pinball adventure for all to see.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday, 12pm

Join us for Saturday morning cartoons to get the day started. 

DJs & Performances

All Weekend

Follow our facebook event for announcements about DJs, bands, film, and other programming. Let's go!