Bigger & Better


We learned a lot from our inaugural 2018 event, took feedback from attendees, and got over the hump of our first-year challenges. That means this year will be even bigger and better! More music, more pinball machines, more programming, more competition, and more fun! If you have suggestions for 2019, contact


Challenger Split Flipper World Championships

Challenger is a crazy, super rare head-to-head pinball machine where the playfield actually tilts depending upon whether you are on offense or defense. We are in love with this machine and proud to announce the first ever Challenger World Championships. Check out this video of us testing it out!


More Bands and Programming

More bands, DJs, film screenings and other programming. Friday night, after competition we will have screenings upstairs in the competition room and Saturday night after competition, we will have live bands and free play for everyone on all the games in the competition room. We will still have DJs in the main room on Saturday too.


Play Every Pin in the House!

Last year, some people wanted to try out the competition games but were not into spending extra $$$ to compete. We feel you. This year, every ticket comes with some free entries for competition (with additional entries available for purchase) so you can play any game in the house! We will also have expanded hours on Saturday for free and open play on all the competition games after qualifying is over in the evening. No sweat, my pet!


Improved Competition Format

We can’t announce all the changes just yet, but we learned what works and what doesn’t last year. Expect changes to improve competition this year such as improved finals structure, more forgiving machine settings, and much more.


Stay Cool DadDio

In addition to moving the event back a few weeks in the calendar to provide for cooler weather, we have also figured out some ways to keep the competition room cooler this year. If you’re sweatin’, it’s because the competition is hot, not the room.