I mean seriously, would you trust any of the people in this photo to run a huge, multi-day, pinball event?? Let's hope so.... Save us from ourselves. Signup below. 

You don't have to be a pinball expert to volunteer. If you can count OR read, you're pretty much good to go.  Plus, all our special lil helpers get free passes & whatever else we can give including on the job training for an exciting career in the pinball arts! Picture your resume including an exclusive internship in one of the following exciting career fields:

  • Hosting & Registration Engineer
  • Rules Nerd
  • The Scorekeeping Arts
  • Pinball Maintenance Technician
  • Assistant to the Vice President of Streaming Media
  • Raffle Czar
  • Executive Director of Audio Visual Cables
  • Cat Herder
  • Junior VP of Walkie Talkie Battery Levels
  • The person that takes pictures with a camera and whatnot and maybe video too if you have enough space on your card?!? 
  • Other stuff that you are good at that we didn't list
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Please select all that apply to you and whatever you got going on that weekend.